100% Real-Time Inspection for Circular Knitting Machines
Cameras & sensors for automated textile inspection.

AI & Computer Vision for
Defect Detection

Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision to detect all textile defects.

Remote Control & Dashboards
Business Intelligence platform for real-time productivity monitoring & quality control.

Did you know that more than 80% of total textile defects occur during either the knitting or weaving stage?

Also, defective production represents up to 5% of total textile waste, negatively influencing the gross margins of textile factories. 

What if we told you we can solve this?

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The Smartex Solution

Reduce textile waste by detecting all visible defects inside Circular Knitting Machines.

Real-time detection & machine stoppage in case of periodic defects. Non-repetitive defects are registered.

Online dashboards & alert systems on mobile & desktop.

Image storage of all inspected textile production, with online access.

Roll quality reports & XY map Image storage of all inspected textile production, with online access.

100% inspection, traceability & transparency by sharing the certified reports & production images with clients or others.

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    What they say about Smartex

    Mentors & Advisors

    Great to see this group of passionate professionals, applying this innovative technology to move our industry forward.

    Kelvin CheukVice Chairman at Hong Kong Institution of Textiles & Apparel & Managing Director at American & Efird

    Smartex's unique combination of high-tech hardware & sophisticated software is the future of automation in the textile industry & beyond!

    Duncan TurnerGeneral Partner at SOSV & Managing Director at HAX

    Smartex has shown in just a few years, that its solution can significantly reduce waste; create an impact & wide-scale adoption will certainly add up.

    Katrin LeyGeneral Manager at Fashion for Good

    Smartex is working to make textile manufacturing more sustainable by using AI to drop defective production to 0%.


    Increasing the efficiency of big industries is one of the main challenges for machine learning & robots. Smartex is acting in the textile industry "behind the manufacturing scene".


    Smartex's innovative technology helps our company every month by increasing production, along with improving quality & transparency in the supply chain.

    Mário JorgeCEO at Tintex Textiles

    Smartex provides a direct impact on textile waste reduction due to the early detection of defective production.

    Christian TubitoKering Group Innovation Manager